Smoke Less America Mission Statement


            Smoke Less America is a nonprofit organization committed to the reduction of tobacco use in the United States of America.  It is Smoke Less America’s goal to aid individuals who want to quit smoking to accomplish their objective of becoming tobacco free, as well as helping individuals from ever starting tobacco use.  In order to achieve this goal, Smoke Less America has based its efforts on three corner stones; education, prevention and rehabilitation.




            Smoke Less America is dedicated to reducing tobacco use through education.  By informing the public and emphasizing the dangers of smoking, the negative health consequence of tobacco use can be prevented before it occurs. In order to accomplish this goal Smoke Less America concentrates on providing the public with information regarding the inherent dangers associated with smoking cigarettes. By educating the public about the physiological, psychological and ecological danger that smoking posses to both the smoker and those around him or her, current smokers are motivated to quit using tobacco and non-smokers are encouraged to never begin tobacco use.  In order to accomplish the goal of tobacco use danger education, Smoke Less America performs the following functions:


Education via the internet


          The internet is an invaluable tool for the quick, inexpensive and efficient distribution of educational information.  As is frequently cited in the popular media, the information super-highway is the fastest growing information delivery service in the world today. Smoke Less America is in an ideal situation to make use of the World Wide Web to promote their goal of educating the population regarding the perils of smoking.  Currently Smoke Less America has developed and maintains two web sites that provide continually updated information regarding smoking cessation, summaries of the latest research on the dangers of tobacco use, recommendations and tips for quitting smoking and links to other resources on the web.


Education via the classroom


One of Smoke Less America’s primary goals is to encourage the youth of today from ever starting to use tobacco products.  By providing educational material to local schools that encourage a tobacco-free lifestyle, Smoke Less America hopes to give children and adolescents both the information they need to make an educated choice not to smoke, as well as  the motivation to resist both the overt and subtle pressures on them to begin smoking.  To that end, Smoke Less America provides educational and inspirational information to local elementary, middle schools, high schools and universities free of charge across a wide range of modalities that is congruent with the educational level of the target audience.


Education via interpersonal interaction


Smoke Less America is dedicated to the education of adults regarding the dangers of tobacco use.  Through a vigorous outreach program, Smoke Less America provides smoking educational information and material to adults across a variety of settings including health fairs, exercise centers, hospitals and work environments.  By diversifying the methods used to disseminate information on tobacco use, Smoke Less America widens its audience and expands on the number of people it can aid in preventing from starting smoking. 




            Although direct education about the dangers and hazards of tobacco use is an excellent deterrent to beginning smoking, Smoke Less America emphasizes the prevention of smoking through alternative strategies that have been proven to beneficial in deterring ever starting a smoking habit. Specifically, Smoke Less America promotes lifestyles that are inherently incompatible with a cigarette smoking.

Prevention through Fitness


Smoke Less America has designed and provides a fitness program geared to encouraging an active life style that is incompatible with smoking.  Over the past 10 years Smoke Less America has provided fitness programs on site for aerobic classes, yoga classes, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, weight lifting and other physical activities to local communities.


Prevention through Activity


Smoke Less America sponsors and provides for a variety of activities in a smoke free environment.  For example, a wide selection of recreational and educational projects are hosted at Smoke Less America’s offices including billiard games, darts, book sales, theme-focused group meetings and social clubs.


Prevention through Recreation


Another aspect of Smoke Less America's goal of prevention is through supporting youth park activities.  Specifically, Smoke Less America encourages a tobacco free lifestyle by sponsoring local sport teams and providing equipment and field space. Smoke Less America contributes to both individual and team sport organizations in order to support young people in activities that are incompatible with smoking.




            Smoke Less America is committed to providing aid and support to individuals, groups and organizations interested in smoking cessation.  Quitting smoking can be a difficult and daunting task for the lone individual.  Smoke Less America provides support through a variety of methods in order to accommodate as many people as possible in their quest to become smoke free.


Rehabilitation for the Individual


            Research supports that far and away most smokers try to quit on their own and that most successful ex-smokers did so without the aid of a formalized interactive intervention.  In order to provide support to a population that prefers to quit without attending smoking cessation interventions, Smoke Less America has designed multiple comprehensive self-help smoking cessation programs that it provides nation-wide free of charge.  The program covers a wide variety of topics involved with quitting smoking and includes both a written program as well as auditory material.


Rehabilitation for the Group


            Smoke Less America provides smoking cessation workshops to the public on an on-going basis.  The programs developed by Smoke Less America range from brief, motivation and education focused single session interventions to more comprehensive, multi-session programs that lead smokers through the process of quitting by providing information and instruction before quitting, motivation and support during the quitting process and reinforcement after a smoke free life style has been achieved.


Rehabilitation for the Organization


            More and more organizations are creating smoke-free work environments and often wish to provide smoking cessation support to their staff.  Smoke Less America offers smoking cessation workshops specifically designed for delivery of smoking cessation information with a work place setting.  While less comprehensive than the group treatment programs described above, the organization based programs are focused on maximizing effective smoking cessation techniques within the limited time frame frequently associated with work-place based smoking cessation programs.